Friday, May 18, 2012

Meeting Mickey!

Finally time for Toon Town.  It is a really cool place and so creative. 
 I told Isaac to pick up these barbells.  He thought they would actually come up.  
He worked for a little too long while the rest of us were crying with laughter before I finally told him that they weren't going anywhere.  

After two days of seeing no characters, the kids couldn't believe their good fortune to run into Pluto right after we left the character breakfast.  This huge version of Mickey's pet made us all miss our own puppy.  :(

A slow, hot line lead up to Mickey's front door.  Oh, we're next, we're next!!!

The Sanders Family meets Mickey Mouse.  Epic.

It was pretty warm that day (I know, Dad and I are wearing jeans.  It was forecast to be much cooler.) so the boy found a cool place to sit in Goofy's house.  He had only been there a minute when a lady asked him to move so she could take a picture of her son on the chair.  Is that weird?  Yeah, I thought so too.

Space Mountain--this time without the two littles.  They have improved that ride since our last visit 12 years ago.  I love that it isn't just a throw-up machine.  It is a fun and fast roller coaster.  Also, I feel I must explain the buttons.  We were all given an "I'm celebrating" button and a Minnie Mouse breakfast button.  The children all received the "1st Visit button" and Justin pinned on his "I Graduated" button.  We each wore them differently--some every time, some one here and there.  The shoelace with cork necklace is the gentle reminder that, though the girl won't go full-tilt with the costume while on vacation, she is still Luna Lovegood.

The smarter, faster, stronger adult members of the family opted out of the tea cups.  Whimpy?  Possibly.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  I wish I could take a picture of the smell of this enchanted place.  The jasmine and roses were all in full bloom.  Intoxicating.

For the most part, I was very pleased with my children's behavior.  They were not perfect.  I think they generally took turns being grumpy in the cramped getting-ready quarters of the hotel room and there were times we all wanted to hang at least one sister by her tongue.  The walks back to the hotel were grisly (hungry, tired, hot).  How that was possible, no one could ever mathematically figure because the walk was super short on the way to the park!  Mostly, though, there was a great deal of cooperation and courtesy toward one another and Justin and I.  

There are some things one hopes we bring home from vacation.

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  1. Did you actually have a different set of matching shirts for each day at Disney!?! They make your family (and the corresponding pics) look FANTASTIC!!!