Sunday, May 20, 2012

San Diego

In planning our trip, I knew we would be ready for a break after our time at Disneyland.  Boy, was I right.  We were physically exhausted and mentally overstimulated.  It was an amazing experience, but we were ready for some serious down time.

We headed down on Sunday and stopped for church at a chapel on the way.  After church, we stopped by the San Diego Temple.  It was as ethereal in real life as it looks in pictures.  It sits right off the freeway and is striking--especially in comparison to the regular ol' office buildings and townhouse complexes around it.  

The grounds were beautiful and, as always, appropriate for the area.  Lots of flowers and plants I had never seen, much less heard of.  There were a couple I did know:  Plumeria and Jasmine.  My, oh my, it smelled heavenly.

At first glance, that just looks like a picture of the temple.  Look again and you will see the boy.

You have no idea how many pictures like this I didn't take.  

After the temple, we made our way to our accommodations for the next couple of days.  This was the view from our room:

Not bad, huh?  The place was a little old (which is probably why we could afford it) but it was clean and it was hard to beat the location!  We spent a great deal of time in that sand and in the water.  The weather was perfect (mid-seventies which, for this family from the north, was plenty hot) so even though the water was cold, we were happy to cool off in it's salty goodness.

Basking in the sun and in the not-doing-anythingness.
We were there for the better part of three days and enjoyed every minute of it.  If I were to plan this trip again, I would do three days of Disney, two days at the beach, then two more at Disney.  I would have felt a little less like a marathon.  (This makes it sound miserable--it wasn't!  Not a minute of it, but we were worn out.)

Going . . . 

going . . .


While in San Diego, we had some amazing Mexican food and saw a bit of the sights.  We wrapped it up by going through the Mormon Battalion Museum.  Highly recommended.  It is right in Old Town and is free, so if you are in the area, it is a worthwhile stop.  

It isn't preachy in any sense of the word, so you don't need to worry about that.  It had a couple of short videos and other interactive stations.  They had our son put on the typical gear one of the soldiers wore.  Here we had just driven through the very desert they walked through and had had the moment where we found the immigrants' backpacks.  The members of the Mormon Battalion went through that very same desert with 8 cup canteens, heavy rifles and worn-out leather boots.  No one had sunscreen, no one had desert survival skills and no one had a Walmart waiting for them at their destination.  It was rather sobering for me to ponder.

After the tour, they had interactive exhibits such as panning for gold (they had fools gold in there so the kids actually found something), making bricks, digging wells and so forth.  

(The members of the Mormon Battalion were building Sutter's Mill at the time gold was discovered, taught the people how to make brick, dug many wells and learned how to farm in a desert climate--which helped them when they went to settle the desert region of the Salt Lake Valley.)

In all, San Diego was just what we needed it to be: a quiet, restful place.  
With good food.  
And an ocean.

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