Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Second Day of Disney

On the second day, they let us into the park, but only had Main Street open.  The rest of the park was roped off, but it made it so we could get at the front of the line headed toward Fantasy Land.  (We hadn't quite finished that section before the lines built up the day before.)

Boys, boys, boys.

Small World.  This is an amazing ride.  Don't listen to the haters.  (Plus, it really is a small world.  Remember when I had that giveaway that one time?  We ran into the winner, Nora, while we were there.  We also bumped into a friend's sister--discovered as we were exchanging the where are you from? pleasantries.)

Casey Jr. Circus Train.  It might be pretty similar to the Canal Boat ride, it is not the same.  And it is my dad's favorite ride so we had get on!

After the experience the day before with taking the little girls on every ride they were tall enough to ride, we took turns a lot more frequently the rest of our time in the park.  The two of us got to go on a ride together.

After wrapping up Fantasy Land, we hurried over to California Adventure.  We wanted to be there right when they opened so we could get good Fast Passes to World of Color for that night.  We decided to spend the rest of the day at that other park.

The Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel was High, with a capital H.  We had to make the conscious decision to look only out--never down.  It was a little cool, but mostly a test of willpower.  

Another carousel.  This time waiting for the big people to go on another big ride.  The sea creatures were creative.

A word here about the matching t-shirts.  It was such a useful tool!  We never lost anyone--in fact it was a cinch to keep track of each other.  But another factor that I hadn't anticipated was how it helped the Disney cast members.  At a glance, they could tell that we were together and how many seats we needed for each ride.  I would definitely recommend doing this if you have any kind of largish family.

We took the advice of the experienced and went back to the hotel nearly every afternoon.  When the park started to get busy, we headed back for a swim and naps.  By this second day, we were all ready for naps.  All of us except the three year old.  She would not sleep and irritated the rest of us so much that what little sleep we did get was restless.

Look what happened on the way back to the park that evening.

Toy Story Mania was one of the rides we stood in line to play.  No Fast Pass for this!  We waited forever and just as we got to the gate, our youngest said she needed to use the restroom. 
 I know, I'm a terrible mother.
I rinsed out her pants and underwear and they were dry in under 30 minutes on that hot day.
Don't judge.  It was a long line.

It wasn't this kid.  She was a total delight.
The highlight of the day and one of the top three of the trip, was World of Color.  
I cannot effectively describe the awesomeness of this show.  
None of us felt bad any longer for having missed the Belagio Fountains.
It was light, it was water, it was animation, it was music, it was even fire.  
I told my husband after the show that I would have waited in line all day just to have seen that show.  

After the show, we crawled home and slumped into bed.  This place is so fun, but it is also so exhausting!


  1. Remind me to tell you about the toilet-training toddler in the reference section of the library at the University of Idaho. -I won't judge you if you don't judge me!

  2. Very tall Ferris Wheel rides and I......well, ummm, we just do not get along very well.

    Here is the proof: