Thursday, May 10, 2012

St. George

None of us had ever been to St. George.  We've heard good things about the place, just have never been in the neighborhood, so to speak.... it is awfully far from our starting point.  But it was right on our way to Disneyland!

We were so glad we took a few minutes to stop here.  The pictures do the St. George Temple no justice.  You have no idea how striking that white is against all the orange stone of southern Utah.  And huge!  We were surprised by the size of the temple as well.

The family is looking a little ragedy.  By this point, we had been all over Zion National Park and in the car for a couple hundred miles.  No matter.  we were at the temple together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

St. George has a lovely visitor's center where anyone wondering about LDS temples can tour.  Of course the grounds are reverent and always well-kept, but the visitor's center was a good diversion from the long driving.

If you ever have the chance to see the Cristus in person, I highly recommend it.  It was sculpted by a Dutch artist in the 1800's.  He was not a member of the church, though our church uses it frequently. It is remarkable how stone so carefully wrought, can emanate the love of our Savior.

We did not fall in love with the town, like many people told us we would (we've had enough of the dry climate to last us), but several of our daughters have now decided this is where they want to be married.  Fine by me!

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  1. Oh I love the St. George temple! My Grandma lived less than a block away and I have such great memories walking around the temple grounds on our visits to her. Good times.