Monday, May 21, 2012

We Start Going North

From San Diego, we started heading north.  I carefully timed our departure (using the Google Maps traffic predictor--so cool!) and only ran into one semi-congested area.  Phew!

The Los Angeles Temple was HUGE!  For some reason, it never looked that big in pictures, but in real life . . . wowzers.

I needed to get away from my family for a few minutes--we were in close quarters for a long time without access to our usual coping methods.  We decided to walk around the temple grounds.  They went one way, I went the other.  It was a nice and quiet 15 minutes; that's all I needed.

On our way up the coast, we stopped in at our old neighbor's place.  We had adjoining backyards, but a year ago, we moved away within a week of each other.

They fed us a wonderful, home cooked meal, let the kids play and even let me run a load of wash.  It was a perfect way to spend an evening.

Remember the boy my girl wants to marry?  Yep, this is he.

That union would be okay by me . . . and wouldn't this be a cute picture on the greeting table?  :)

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