Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zion National Park

Our first stop on our Grand Celebration Tour:

Zion National Park.

Oh, my.  Oh, my.  Oh, my!  

The park was about an hour away from our hotel.  We were up, bathed, dressed and breakfasted by 7:15 so we could get an early start at the potentially hot park.  We were so glad we did because by the time we were leaving, it was hot and crowded.  Every time I go to one of our national parks, I'm am surprised by the number of foreign visitors.  We have an amazing treasure and because most of the upkeep is taken from tax dollars (something I am more than happy to support this way), a $25 entrance fee is a steal!  

My sweet family.  Everyone was in a great mood.  

The rocks were rainbows of reds, oranges, greens and browns.  It was sandstone, so it was soft and had been sculpted by wind and water over the countless years.  What does that mean for my pods?  Club houses.

As more and more people discovered Zion National Park, cars were beginning to take their toll on the land.  The park implemented a shuttle system to get in and around in the park.  This moment, with all of us lined up on the back row, was one of my favorite of the trip.  Seeing the sights was amazing, but it was the being together while we were doing the fun thing that is what memories are made of.  

In researching the park, I found one hike that I thought all of us could complete.  With our range of hikers, it is all about the slowest right now.  There are other times and other places for the big kids to get worn out.

It had a waterfall at the end.  I had a vision in my head of sitting near a cool pool and eating our lunches together.  Since it was Sunday, Justin had prepared a devotional to share.  I forgot where we were going--a tourist attraction.  There was no where to sit and have a quiet devotional.  No matter, the waterfall was pretty neat.

It wasn't like the raging mountain waterfalls I am used to seeing.  It was a stream that just fell off the side of a cliff like one of those rain shower heads.  It had no stream bed, just a sheet of water.

We eventually found an out-of-the-way spot for our picnic and little church meeting.  It was actually really nice.  Plus, it had more club houses!

Justin's family has a picture like this taken when the children were small and then every few years until they were big.  Since we don't really know where we will make repeat visits, we decided to make it a tradition to line them up in front whatever national park we visit.  (You wouldn't believe how long it took to get this picture.)

Overall, we rate Zion Ten Stars.  It was a must see, even if you only have half of a day!


  1. Wonderful family pictures! I'm so happy your posting so regularly!

  2. Since 1993 I have lived in Utah (minus 2 years as a missionary)........and I have NEVER been to Zion NP!! I am so, SO happy for you, the pictures are fantastic, and I am determined to rectify my Zion-less life this very year if possible.