Thursday, June 14, 2012

Building with an Architect: Sharing Visions

After meeting with John (our Architect), we did a couple of things to help him get a clearer vision of our tastes.

Having this blog is helpful because I can post the pictures and make comments about those pictures about individual parts of a house.  I can write an entire post about what I'd like to arrange for the mail, the garbage and the cords, for example.

We have exchanged emails a bit about questions that weren't answered in our meeting.  He only asked a few, but I was entirely impressed with the questions he did ask.  It was plain that he had paid attention to what we were saying, but also had the sense to ask about things that might influence the flow of the household.

The last thing we did was set up a joint Pinterest account.  I have something like 1 Billion pins on my Pinterest Boards.  Obviously that is not super helpful or refined.  He doesn't need to know about the haircut I'm considering, the Times Tables Cootie Catchers I'd like to make the girls or the companion gardening article I've been studying.  

This shared board is where I can narrow down ultimate favorites--images I go back to time and time again.  This is where I can share a good idea I'd like to see implemented.  This is where I can share a specific product that I love and would like to have in my house.

Hopefully, by using these measures, we can come up with the perfect design--well, at least the perfect design for our budget!  Boy is this fun!

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