Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Different Trip

It has taken a year and a half to do it, but I have had an awakening; a change of heart.  I have made the decision to stop complaining and start accepting.  Let me explain.

An Analogy

I was going on a trip to Italy.  I had studied out tourist traps and the stops that were off the beaten path.  I'd read books and watched movies to prepare for the trip--I'd even studied the language!  It was a place I had wanted to visit for many years and looked forward to the trip with a great deal of anticipation.  I got on the plane packed and prepared.  When we landed, I discovered . . .

I was in Brazil.

Now, Brazil is a beautiful country--just as amazing as a trip to Italy would have been.  

"But I don't know the language," I whined.  "I don't know where to go!  I don't have any guide books or road maps to Brazil!  Where is my Italian Vacation?!"

But there I was, in Brazil and unable to get to Italy.  As I looked around and became familiar with the place, I discovered that Brazil is just as wonderful as Italy, but wholly different and totally unexpected.

I have decided to stop whining about what isn't.  I am going to stop crying about my lost trip to Italy and start embracing my trip to Brazil.

Most of you have been following our journey with our dancing son.  He has just been offered, and has accepted, a scholarship to spend four weeks studying at Ballet West, a prestigious ballet academy in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Instead of being sad about the summer we thought we were getting together, I am choosing to celebrate his exceptional opportunities.  

Congratulations, Isaac.  What a compliment!


  1. I love your analogy, Emily- isn't that just how life is?! Congratulations to Isaac- what an incredible opportunity!! So does this mean you will be visiting the Salt Lake area? If you need a place to stay or a free meal I'd love to help out!! We're in the south Salt Lake area- let me know.

  2. Emily!! There is a show on Thursday nights called "Breaking Pointe" It is on the CW network (our channel 22) and it is all about Ballet West and the dancers that work there! Might be fun for your family to watch? Maybe you should watch one episode first to see if you want the girls to watch is a reality show, but fun that is where Isaac is going to be!!

  3. Ballet West ... that's great! Maybe we will overlap sometime. Congratulations!!!