Friday, June 1, 2012

Get Writing

Since returning from our trip, I have had several things I wanted to write about, but couldn't find the words or the time.  

Sometimes you just need to start writing, you know?

The son of Barbara, the woman who sold us her place, just stopped by. She had left something here that she wanted.  It was nothing I cared deeply about so of course we sent it on it's way.  After visiting for a while, he mentioned that she was hoping to get some of her rocks, too.  I was a little nervous to tell him that most of her rocks were now a part of a massive fireplace and weren't going anywhere.  Luckily, he thought it was beautiful and knew his mother would be pleased that they had been used that way.  Phew!

Well.  It was as I feared.  I have nothing to say.  Now that I've got that nothing out of my system, maybe I can write about something in my next post!

Happy June, everyone!

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