Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kitchen Countertop

First, isn't countertop redundant?  Isn't the kitchen counter always on top?  Does everyone else in America say countertop and only people in my region say counter?  Is this a po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe kind of thing?  And why is my spell checker saying that countertop should be two words when everyone in the industry writes it as one.

I think I should have majored in linguistics.

Second, this most functional work station is what is on my mind lately.

My dearest love is wood.  Wood, wood, wood.  We installed it in our last house and I loved it.  It is warm and soft on your hands.  Yes, it gets dings and scratches, but I like that I Am Used patina.

It is timeless and beautiful.

Wood is kind of like your favorite pair of jeans; you can pair them with a t-shirt for a comfy day or dress them up and they always look great.

I know wood has some cons, but they whither compared to the pros.  For me, at least.

I hope to cover the island with that favored wood, but I'm thinking about other options around the perimeter.    The sink and stove surrounded by this surface so I'd like something a little more heat and water resistant than wood.  There are about 50 options.  Concrete (not water or heat resistant, but cheaper), soapstone or marble (water and heat resistant, but more expensive and soft), solid surface (water resistant and cheaper, but not heat resistant), stainless steel (water and heat resistant, cheaper) and granite (water and heat resistant, but more expensive).  No idea what we'll do there.  I used to not love granite, but then I felt the leather finish stuff.  I could touch that stone all day!

One thing I know I want is runnels!

Don't you always have a big pot or bowl or bunch of lettuce that you have drying on the counter?  I know I do!  I'd rather have this pretty drainboard than a dish towel or plastic dish rack.

Opinions?  Thoughts?  We're a long way from having to make a decision on this, but it is what is on my mind.  Go to the Home Depot and feel the leather granite today.  It is amazing.  (Too bad it isn't priced like Formica.)

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  1. Granite is great. We just had ours installed in October & I'm in love! I love the way it feels - I walk in the kitchen & rub my hand over it several times a day. :) And it hides crumbs & spills & messes to an amazing degree. I cannot tell the counter is dirty until I rub my hand on it.