Saturday, June 9, 2012

Movie Recommendations

During my laundry folding this week, I watched two movies that were so good, I need to recommend them to you.  There is a third that goes along with them that I watched a little while ago.  But first I have to preach a bit.

There is a common theme in the movie industry.  I like to call it the Grease theme.  It is where the "good" person (the goody two-shoes, the pious, the stuffed shirt) has to unbutton, lower her standards, denounce her faith or otherwise join with the world in order to find fulfillment or have fun.  Frankly, it makes me furious because I consider myself one of those "naive prudes."  The difference is that I have found a great deal of joy and fulfillment ALL WHILE living my religion and adhering to a fairly strict moral code.

Here are three movies for those of you who are like me . . . that is, those of you who think marriage is forever, fathers are necessary parts of a family, and faith is bigger than social movements.

Arranged.  A Muslim woman and an Orthodox Jewish woman build a friendship because of their adherence to their faith. Yes, the brush of an arm can have the effect of lightening--you don't have to sleep with every person you date to know whether you have chemistry.  I know that for myself!

Fireproof.  I remember when this came out.  I remember that it was a surprise hit and was life-changing for many marriages.  I'm not sure why I hadn't seen it yet, but it was a great one; even if you have a happy marriage!

Courageous.  This movie single-handedly dispels the common Hollywood theme that fathers are unnecessary--so much so that they even get in the way.  All fathers must see this film.

These three movies are unabashedly religious, so be ready to hear testimony and many mentions of God . . . and not said in vain.  Find these movies and this week you will enjoy folding your laundry!  :)

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