Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recent Events

Last weekend was A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Isaac had been cast as Puck and he pretty much stole the show (of course, I'm his mother so that may or may not be the actual truth). We took our oldest girl down with us this time.  We do our very best to not make everything all about Isaac, but I think she sometimes feels that overshadowing.  Upon questioning, however, she said she wished she had a sign that read, "I am Isaac's sister."  I am glad she is choosing to be proud of him and not jealous.

My little brother, Levi, also drove over 12 hours to come and see Isaac dance.  Levi always wanted to dance, but it wasn't in the cards for us when we were young.  He has been one of our strongest supporters in this unconventional parenting choice.  I told Isaac that all he needed to do was one pirouette and bow and Levi would be thrilled to tears.  Isaac, of course, did way more than that and Levi, of course, bawled like a proud mama through the whole thing.  

Before the show, Doug (Levi's friend who also made the super long journey), Levi and Dad.  I made everyone get there way too early so we could get the best seats in the house.  They were good sports.

It was also a great trip for visiting.  We got to meet up with several friends we left behind when we moved.  I'm usually in such a hurry to pick up or drop off that I rarely get to sit around and visit.  It was good for all of us to see our friends.

On the way home, we got a flat tire.  We had a spare, but no wrench or jack.  A little difficult to change a tire that way!  Luckily, we have roadside assistance with our car insurance.  They were remarkably fast and super nice.  It is totally worth that $4 per year for this kind of peace of mind!

Pretty, foggy, early, early morning.  We had to drive during the night because we wouldn't have survived the heat of the day.

My good mother and sister teamed up to watch our three youngest girls and our dog.  It is amazing how just two days away can make me miss my kids!

When we pulled in to pick them up, we were greeted with this:  Daniel putting on a super entertaining concert.  He's that guy who knows every lyric (not that you can understand him), but he can't carry a tune at all.  In fact his whole range is about three notes.  He makes up for it in style.

The good grandma with my youngest nephew.

And my adoring daughter with my oldest niece--vacationing from Hawaii.

We came home to this:

Summer is in full-bloom in our meadow and I can hardly force myself to get anything productive done.  I want to wander around and sing The Hills are Alive instead.

It has been a wonderful few days.


  1. And maybe I missed a post about it or not......but Isaac got his braces off. Nice Smile!!!! Wonderful post!!

  2. Nope - I think I'm right, after scrolling back to a picture of Isaac carrying a pile of burgers (or something).

  3. Yes, Abe. You are correct! Braces off just before the performance and his teachers and I are convinced that he danced better because of it. :)

  4. Sounds like a beautiful trip. And I wanted to cry just reading about Levi crying throughout the show. What a good uncle.

  5. What a great trip. I especially love the picture of you all being there early enough that no one else is around. :)

  6. He did so good in the dance, And I couldn't believe how high he was jumping!