Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Sleuth Do-Good

Dear Sleuth Do-Good,

It has been months since we have gone to the library.  I love the library and we usually go several times each month, but we had been barred.

Somewhere along the way, we broke a DVD.  There wasn't even the 16-or-so dollars in our meager budget to cover the fine.  I kept getting phone calls (bordering on harassing) from some grumpy librarian.  Yet, there was nothing I could do.  We just stayed away from the library.

Yesterday, I finally went in to pay the fine--the amount was unknown, but I was sure it was getting up there.  The nice librarian scanned my card and looked at her computer screen.  Perplexed, she tappity-tapped over to another screen.  "There is no fine here," she said.

But I knew there was.  I asked her if there was another place she could look.  "Sometimes we send things to collection, but there would have been a notice of some kind on your account.  No, your card is in good standing."

Completely stumped, I pondered on it throughout the day.  Suddenly, an understanding dawned!  I had been griping about this grumpy librarian to a group of women at church.  I can't remember who was in that group, but I know YOU were.

I know because you paid off my fine.  

That is the only possible explanation.

Thank you, thank you for your generous and quiet act of kindness.  We checked out books for the first time in a long time--a much needed thing since most of our books are still packed in boxes.

And have been reading ever since.

Sincerely and with Much Love,
The MotherShip

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  1. Ah - how sweet! Another library tip (guilty secret here) is to open accounts for each of the children. When my account has a bloated fine, the kids can still check out books.