Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Someday House Master Bedroom

One of the major reasons we have decided to have an architect design our house for us is a common theme in the plans available on the web:  The Master Wing.

We don't want to put that much money and energy into bedroom/bathroom/closet.  (We'd rather use that money to put stamps in our passport, you know.)  What we would like is a bedroom large enough to have the bed not in the corner.

We would love a fireplace in our bedroom because we do have long, cold winters here.  

Just like the rest of the house, we prefer warm colors, natural materials and lots of natural light.  
Regular closets, though a his and hers would be super nice.
And a door that leads to our private garden.

The next two pictures are not master bedrooms, but they are pictures I love.  

Who knows.  Maybe those twin boys are still waiting to come.

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