Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another "Bedroom"

Our son has had no bedroom since we moved into our trailer.  On average, he spends three out of four weeks at the home of a host family.  That one week he spends at home, he lives in the living/computer/TV/library/music room.  Yes, he has needed privacy and a place for all of his things and all, but really, I needed for him to have a place.  If I have insomnia (which is frequent, if you'll notice the times on my blog posts), I was stuck!  I couldn't turn on the computer or TV because the boy was asleep on the couch.  I couldn't turn on my bedside lamp to read because there was a man sleeping in the bed next to me.  I found myself in the bathroom, humphing that I had no other place to hide away!

When we knew that we would have him home for most of the summer, we decided that something had to be done . . . and without going to great expense.  We considered many ideas, but decided to enclose half of our front porch.  It was just long enough for a bed and already had a roof, floor and electricity.

At the beginning, with one of my pajamaed helpers.

This, by the way, is what a project looks like when you do not have a shop or a workbench and you do have a lot of help. 

And he has a door!  

And, yes, a door knob.  I had to stick it in backwards so that it opens out.  If it opened in, there wouldn't be room for a bed.  :)

Walls.  What a spoiled brat.  His own walls.  No one else in this family can claim something so frivolous.
Also, check out that good little worker.  

Trim and caulk.  
There are also a couple of paint chips up there for us to think over.

Because we made due with the front porch, there were some open spaces that needed filling.  
They have been filled.
After the foam cured, I cut until it was level with the floor.  It is now safely hidden under carpet or behind insulation.

Add insulation and a carpet remnant and it's pretty much a bedroom.

The truth of the matter, is that I was going to build a bed frame that was tall enough to stick a dresser beneath, but my son is being . . . well . . . 13 . . . 
and he ain't gettin' nuttin' else outta me until he gets his act together and starts 'preciating what I do for him!!

Did you get that, son?  
I tried not to be too subtle.


  1. Another amazing project!! Congrats on the new bedroom for Isaac!!

  2. Your resourcefulness is magnificent!! You are my hero! I don't what could possibly be wrong with YOUR 13 year-old, but mine is simply delightful every moment of the day. Why didn't anyone tell me how charming 13 year old boys could be??

  3. Good Job Emily!!What a great space for Isaac