Saturday, July 28, 2012


The other day I posted this picture.

That evening I asked my sister if she saw it, knowing the backwards mailbox labels would make her even more crazy than it made me.  We laughed about it as she responded how I figured she would:  bugged out eyes and a, "YES!  What were they thinking?!"

We had met up at an Applebee's with several other girls and were passing around Sentsy scents.  After we had all sniffed and our olfactory nerves were completely confused and all of the scents began smelling the same, we abandoned the little containers for conversation.

Mollie's subconscious couldn't handle the random pile.  She began to line up and move around and before anyone realized it (including herself) she had begun arranging them by color.

Yes, I think she may have a touch of OCD, or as some clever person noted, 
That's OCD but in alphabetical order,
 the way it should be!

Love you, Moll Doll.


  1. I would be the person to set up the mailboxes backwards I think. Probably because they are just mailboxes and they only belong to 5 people and so the 5 people don't even care anymore because they are so used to it- and for the rest of the world it would just be a funny conversation starter or something random and interesting to see- makes life fun- break up the norm. They are just mailboxes- not street addresses or call numbers on books at the library. I think it is awesome.

    It also might help the postman as he sorts his mail from A-E and he has a walking route and happens to arrive upon mailbox A first...LOL because he is heading that direction- funny. I don't know.

  2. I like Molly! And I'm like Molly!

  3. I have most definitely inherited that characteristic from my Mama..every box of crayons I've ever owned is in order of shades hahaha