Thursday, July 12, 2012


It is the cherry time of year.  It has been a great season for them and I've been picking. seeding and freezing like mad.

My fingers may bear the stain for months.  
(This was after scrubbing and scrubbing and doing a sink full of dishes!)

Are you "doing" cherries, too?


  1. They were ripe in June this year. I asked a scary man with a big skull painted on his house if I could have his cherries on his tree. He was so kind. Well- after eating them for a week I decided to dehydrated and freeze the rest- well once we pitted them we found little fun maggots inside all the cherries. I about threw up 5 times thinking about all the unhatched eggs inside my belly...oh well, they were good. I will ask the man next year if I can spray his tree.

  2. April, if you soak your cherries in water, all those happy little worms drown and float to the top of your pot. Rinse them well and voila--organic! :)