Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Five Generations

When we knew that Ariel would be coming into town, a five generation picture was at the top of the To Do list.  In fact, any time my grandma would complain about one ailment or another, Mom would tell her matter of factly, "You need to get over it because we have to have our five generation picture!"

Great-great Grandma with the first Great-great Grandbaby.

Great Grandmother with her first Great Grandbaby.

Grandmother with her first Grandbaby.

And, of course, the mama.

Five generations of women.

A lot of experience in one lap.  

What a truly special thing.  How much they each love their daughters.


  1. Lovely! The photos are a treasure.

  2. MEN may hold the priesthood, men may do many other good and important things........but it is through WOMEN that we all come to earth, it is by women that most children are primarily raised. I learned long ago that I may have the last name of Fox (my father's), but I have been raised (to a greater extent) a Jolley (my mother's maiden name). And I may be a "Jolley", but my children are being raised primarily as their mother was, as a Cannon (Betsy's maiden name). In a way, WOMEN have, since the day of our first mother, Eve, "ruled" the world (via their children).

    Beautiful photos, BTW!!!!!!

  3. Amazingly beautiful precious - all words to describe these pictures!!!

  4. What a treasure- the family and the photos! Thanks for sharing. Abe, I love your insight- very wise.