Monday, July 23, 2012

Girl Day

It was brought to my attention that each of my children were in need of something; the thing they needed was  the kind of thing that would be a nightmare to get with all of the other kids in tow.  We put the dates on the calendar and I've been checking them off.  Today was the third's turn.

I handed another dress to her younger sister as I proclaimed to her, "This is too small for you!"  With tears brimming her eyes, and while I watched her bravely trying to keep them from spilling over, she explained, "Mom, that was my last summer dress."

You should know that her favorite books in the universe are the Fancy Nancy books and have been since she was four. This girl prefers dresses and would wear one every day.  Unfortunately, her older sister whose hand-me-downs fill her wardrobe, rather dislikes dresses.  Shopping for dresses became the number one goal of our day.

After our successful shopping trip, we went to "get our toes done."  She mostly has her toes done by someone under the age of 10, so going to a salon was definitely in the fancy column.  Unfortunately, the nail technician talked at lightening speed about how drunk she got last night . . . and how she threw her daughter out of the house . . . and changed the keys and how she is so stressed and . . . and . . . and.  She had a pretty strong accent so I don't think my daughter picked up on most of it, but every time the lady brought up a new topic, my eyes grew wider.  They were trying to communicate telepathically that the child whose toenails she was painting was EIGHT.  Honestly, lady.

Toes turned out cute, though.

After the toes, we went to get a pretzel.  You will not believe this, but the gal dipping our pretzel in the Parmesan cheese was telling us all about her little brother's girlfriend who was pregnant and they wanted to "take care of it."  She wanted to tell her parents, but had been sworn to secrecy.  
"Maybe I want that baby," she declared.  

Now, I love people and I love talking to people, but mercy!  I was with my little girl.
Good thing she missed most of the meaning behind the words in that conversation.

To add insult to injury, the mailboxes outside our window were labeled this way:

Augh!  WHO DID THAT???
It was almost more than I could handle.

We came home and I decided it was as good of a time as any to give her hair a much needed trim.  
I'm not sure what happened, but I can tell you that it kept getting worse
and worse
and worse.

I finally gave up.

We didn't say a word to the stylist, but we kept giving each other secret looks as the stylist made comments like, "Who usually does her hair," and "Oh, my.  This is really uneven."  and "Was this supposed to be an asymmetrical cut?"

Ha Ha.  Nope, I just completely screwed up.  :)

Cute, huh?

An eventful day, no?  I am sure lucky that I had her to spend it with.

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  1. What a little sweetheart she is!! I'm glad you got time with her and I'm sorry that the rest of the world does not understand what is appropriate to discuss on front on little ears.