Monday, July 2, 2012

Grandkids, Grandkids Everywhere

My parents have 13 living grandchildren and one new great-grandbaby.  My parent's garden was overrun for a few precious days.  We all camped out in the back and hardly left.  My sister and her family do live right next door, so they--or rather, the trampoline--gathered the spill-over.

You have no idea how many shots it took to get this one decent one of everybody!  
On Sunday, Great Grandma came to see everyone.  Here are the grandkids, minus two who had already had to hit the road.  

These two were best buds the whole weekend.  Mom had hung up a mister, but for the pint sized, it was a ready drinking fountain.

Or water fight, you pick.

After the mister got boring, they went to the waterfall.

At least they were dressed.  The next day, they were playing the same game, but in the buck.  

Don't worry.  I won't post those pictures!  

One evening was spent enjoying an outdoor movie--Star Wars, of course.

It was raining, but no rain can stop us from watching the epic flick!

Decorating the Uncle . . .

. . . is a super fun game.

I didn't get pictures of most of the fun, but it was a great time.  What a great family!

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  1. I love your parents' yard-- so lush and green. It's not lush and green where we live but we do have some smoking hot wildfires here! I'm so glad you have had such great family time for your reunion. And for the record I would not have though anything of your purple shirt picture if you hadn't mentioned it:-)