Sunday, July 8, 2012


Last week, all of my parents' grandchildren and great-grandchild were in town.  This sort of thing doesn't happen every day!  As children grow and families spread across the nation, we knew we had to capture them all together in a "quick" snapshot.  
Hahahaha, snort, bwahaha.  Quick?  With all these kids?  What were we thinking?

Remember this nice photo?  I actually had several poses in mind, but, as you are about to see, getting just one decent shot was, well, miraculous.

We start getting everyone in place and the youngest ones are reluctant.  No problem, we'll pull the grandparents in to help hold and put a stop to the crying.

With the small ones being pacified under the practiced hands of the grandparents, we thought we would get the shot and move on.  Have you ever tried taking pictures with big kids?  No, I'm not talking about 9 or 10 year old big kids, I'm talking about the 16 and up category.

As we're hollering at the young ones up front, problems are brewing in the back.

Oh, no.  Things are getting worse.

And look how hard the little kids are trying!  We could have just socked those kids in the back.

But, we didn't.  
Now the younger are starting to play along.
The photo shoot is falling apart.

Things are reeling out of control.  Digressing fast. 

Aaaand . . . that was that.

Sorry, Mom and Dad.  We tried.

No one can call us boring!

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