Sunday, July 8, 2012


This last weekend, my husband had an honest-to-goodness Saturday OFF.  He has had to work or study or help me slave away at some urgent task every Saturday for the last forever years, so it had to be done right.

We took a drive up to the top of the highest peak in our area to take a look around.  Literally, around.

Someone built these great viewers on top of the mountain.  They weren't binoculars, just metal pipes aimed so that, upon spying through, you would see a lake.  It is easy to get confused when you are looking at things from an unfamiliar vantage point so these really helped us navigate.  I don't know if it was, but it looked like a great Eagle Project!

Though they were a bit tall.

Next to the ski lift is this old stone building.  I'm not sure its original intended use, but I know it has been used as a lookout and a refuge.

This is not my picture (swiped it from Sewell Scenics), but this is what it looks like in the Winter.

Cool shot, huh?

This crazed fan loved it because she thought it looked like The Three Broomsticks.  

I didn't see the connection much, but I did love the massive fireplace.  You can warm up those frozen tootsies fast in front of this flame.

Back out the door.  Such an amazing view. 
Not worth winter's hefty price.

We enjoyed just dinkin' around, as my dad would say.

With no where to go and no chore that had couldn't wait.

Surrounded by mega dorks.

We found a shady spot (in summer's version of the place we cross-country skied my childhood winters away) and had a picnic.  

This was my favorite part of the day.  Laying down in the cool mountain air, listening to the birds banter in the trees.  

(The pipe lookout thingy's are right at the base of the radio towers.)
We happened to go to the mountain the same day a bunch of nuts athletes were killing themselves taking on the insane challenging 34 mile, 4000 feet elevation gain Climb a Mountain run.  There is no way we couldn't be impressed by them.  (Parenthetically, my dad completed this run several years ago.  He had never even run a 5K and decided to go straight for the throat.  Yes, he trained for a while and all, but couldn't his first run been the Tiger Trot or some other such nonsense?  Awesome.  Really.)

But us lazies?  We drove down the mountain and dove into this:

It was a fabulous Summer Saturday.

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  1. Sing with me now, "The hills are alive with the sound of music!"
    That looks lovely and relaxing-- you seriously deserved that Saturday of dinking around.