Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Shed Remodel

Remember the grody, mouse infested shed I told you about last week?

Well, it's almost done.  This post is admittedly mostly for my dad who is far, far away on vacation right now. Thank you for Saturday mornings and for making me learn the names of tools and for making me help you with projects--even if it was handing you screws and nails.  I never would have been able to do most of the things I now love if it weren't for you.

Okay, first, here is the workbench.

And the workbench in place . . .

If you recall, lighting was a serious issue in the shed.  We've added a couple of simple strip lights (set at different angles to avoid the most shadows) and will be adding a cheap-o ceiling fan.  The room needs air movement!

Also, some of you may be wondering about the floor.  After we discovered the nasty mouse nests, I called Dad in a bit of a panic. "What kind of floor can we put in that will forever banish mice?"  Unfortunately, his answer was concrete.  $500 for flooring was not in our budget so we brainstormed some other options.  Turns out the only affordable and effective other option was gravel.  It isn't a perfect fix because it is hard to level and it can't be swept.  But, that gravel, averaging 5 inches deep, will be a big mouse deterrent   

Plus, I'm adding a lot of poison in the corners and behind bins.

When we can add concrete, the gravel bed is already in place!

These shelves are eight feet long and two feet deep.  It is a delightful amount of storage, though it was almost an effective set of bunk beds.

We still have work to do, for instance, we have to fix that crazy fiberglass that you see peeking out at the top of the picture.  

Before and After
Before and After
Before and After
I've put away my tools, garden equipment, auto stuff and several other things and I haven't even started filling the big shelves.  EXCITING!  
Plus, no one has to brave the scary shed to dig through dark boxes looking for a screw driver--we can just grab it off the wall!

And it now smells like fresh pine instead of, well, you can guess how it smelled before.  

I'm exhausted and stinky from sweating all the live long day.  Why we chose to take on this project in the hottest season of the year, I'll never know.
(I did the same thing last year when I built the rock fireplace. ???)  

Now, we're going to have to gut the lean-to so we can fully eradicate the vermin.  

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  1. Wow!!! You did an amazing job! I would love to have you come to my house for a week (bring your dad too!) :)