Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Sad Tale

On Sunday evening, our van wouldn't start.  I'll save you all of the details because who wants to live through the misery of car trouble--especially when it is someone else's stinking story.

So I'll just tell you this:

The timing belt ate our van's engine.

Really, it is okay because the car was on its last legs already.  It was time for a new vehicle for several other reasons as well.  We had already been pre-approved for an auto loan and had begun looking.  But now there is an urgency.  My husband's car only has four seat belts.  It doesn't take many math skills to know that that doesn't work out too well for our family of seven.

Put me in a warehouse full of kitchen hardware or dusty journals and I am in heaven.  Put me in a car lot and . . . . someone give me a gun.

WHO LIKES THIS?  What kind of demented mind enjoys searching the internet endlessly for the perfect fit, the honest dealer and the right price?  Please tell me because I've only been doing it for a couple of days and I want to commit hara kiri.

At least there are only three options for us.

  1. Suburban/Tahoe XL
  2. Expedition/Excursion
  3. 12 Seater Van
That is helpful.  (I like restaurants that only have three things on their menu.  The places with novella menus stress me out.)

If you don't hear from me, send a rescue team to the car lot.  I'm probably huddled in a corner crying and sucking my thumb and certainly incapable of finding help on my own.  Please send me all of your good vibes and happy thoughts.  I'll be needing them!


  1. Just out of curiosity, why are those the only options? My assumption is seat numbers. Toyota Siennas have an 8th seat (as do some Honda Odysseys, I believe). he BEST part about the 8th seat is that if you ever have a baby in a car seat, it pulls all the way up to the console between the front seats. It's in the safer rear zone, but right there with you for feeding or just watching the baby. We love our Sienna. It's a used 2005, and we've owned it for three years. We've never had a major problem with it. Actually, no minor ones either now that I'm thinking about it. I've yet to meet a Sienna owner who was not very happy with it.
    And this concludes my free advertising for Toyota. :)

  2. I love my Suburban. You should see the trunk

  3. space. I somehow posted before finishing. We will be a family of 6 in Feb but could easily fit a family of 8 with a big trunk...our Suburban was only $3,500 dollars and it runs like a champ. They go forever. A plus- they don't have timing belts- they have chains that never need replaced- at least our 2003 Yukon didn't have a timing belt...and either does our Suburban.

    They are really comfortable too- and HUGE. We get about 18-20 on the freeway. I feel safe in that thing. There is my car advice for big families- although, mini vans seems very nice and convenient with the nice sliding door...I hear that is one thing people miss when they go from mini van to SUV-

  4. Our Honda Odyssey has eight seats & 175k miles. It has been a great car.

  5. I had another thought... whenever I have to make these "big" decisions, I try to make the "perfect" decision. I fret & stew 24-7 for a long time before making the decision. In car shopping (two whole times that I've done it) - I checked Consumer Reports to avoid lemon models & then chose what I liked & what was available when I had money & time to look. I just bought a car a few weeks ago & actually had an "aha" moment when I just saw the picture & knew it was the car I was going to buy. (used, lots of miles, in a wreck with one of its four previous owners) I don't think that happens very often but I couldn't handle the stress anymore.