Saturday, September 1, 2012


We will be bringing Isaac back to his ballet academy on Monday and Justin had two days off in the middle of the week.  We decided to go camping, but not at just any campground; we went to the first campground we went to after we were married and revisited every summer until we moved.

This is the site where we usually stayed.  We didn't stay there this time because it doesn't have great water access.  When the kids were little, we liked that inaccessibility.  Now that they are older, we aren't so worried about being close to the water.

 In fact, with the kayaks, it was super nice to be so close to the water!

 These two can bicker to the point that I want to tie them together and make them sing Sisters, but they can also be the best of friends.  I don't think they so much as disagreed during the whole camping trip.

 Patches wouldn't be left out.  Several times he bolted for the middle of the lake, not realizing there was no rest once he reached the kids.

 I'm glad that we have a water dog . . . though I could live without the stink of him when he gets out.

The scenery at this lake is amazing.  The Cabinet Mountain Range jolts into the sky.

What it is about rocks and kids?  Every time we go anywhere, we come home with a haul of rocks.  Here is our 6 year old showing me a rock.  
"Mom!  Take a picture of me with this beautiful rock!"

As you might guess, quiet time when we're with all of our sweethearts, is hard to come by.  Boy were we grateful for the kayaks.  

It is the most peaceful past time.  Fishing doesn't come naturally to this family, but I am tempted to pick it up.  When I'm out on the water in my silent transport, I float over schools of fish, begging to be our dinner.  

Our little van is so stuffed when we go camping that we don't have room for camping chairs.  I stuck two in the boats that sat on top of the van, but the kids had to fend for themselves.  Here is our 8 year old hauling her seat.  She had found a cut up tree quite a ways from our camp and worked and hefted her log all the way to our fire.

One of the tragedies of the camping trip was that I forgot marshmallows!  It is fun to roast marshmallows, but I mostly love what roasting does for conversation.  Oh, well.  We still had a wonderful fireside chat.  

 I am one blessed lady.  What a remarkable thing that we could drive a little way and be in this remarkable spot.  I love being in the outdoors with my family--no phone, computer, housework or other responsibilities. In the woods, the focus is on being together and enjoying nature.  

I am blessed by my quiver full.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that your two oldest having gotten along so well on your camping trip. I think I need to take mine camping and leave them in the woods together for a week. I'll tell them they can learn to get along or they can destroy one another-- as long as I don't have to listen to it.
    Your trip looks LOVELY!!