Monday, October 1, 2012

A New Car

 You're supposed to say the title like Bob Barker--with that sing-y announcing voice.  It is supposed to make you cheer and jump.  Me?  I'm just glad it is done.  However, many of you have been asking so 
Here . . . It . . . Is!

Yep, a Suburban.  Just like every other Suburban you've ever seen.  Buying it wasn't the totally miserable experience I was expecting.  It wasn't exactly fun, but it didn't make me want to hurt people, so that's good.

We ended up going to one of those tent sales at the mall--the kind with the really loud commercials telling you how Low, Low, Low their prices are and this is the Best Deal of the Century and that it is a Blow Out and that Everything Must Go and all that bologna that no one believes.  I will spare you the painful details, but, against all odds, we found a car.  A good one, we think.  They made this embarrassing to do out our purchase and Justin got to spin the cash wheel (in addition to the $5 gift card I had already won!).  Talk about raking it in! (Ha.)

It is a 2000, but was owned by an 87 year old man so it only has 50K miles.  
I do have to admit that I am pretty excited about a few things.  Things our old car did not have, either because it didn't come that way or it had broken over the years.  
For instance:

A rear window wiper.

Storage space.

A fourth door.

4 Wheel Drive for our snowy, snowy place.

A CD player. . .

as well as a cassette player so we don't have to get rid of our favorite tapes.

 A hitch.

Hazard lights that blink and, closely related, a blinker that blinks.  No more manual blinking.

This crazy don't-even-try-to-hurt-my-family-innocent-little-deer-in-the-road guard.

It is a little worn, but it is a remote lock thingy.  No more juggling kids and groceries and the key.

An 8th seat--and it is kid friendly leather.  

Finally, and most importantly, heated seats.  Oh, man.  I am excited about this one!

So there you have it.  Our newest family member.  It is kind of stinky and doesn't fit all the way under the car port, but, heck, it starts.  In fact, when my dad asked what kind of motor it had, I said, "Oh, it's that kind that when you turn the key it goes, 'VRoom!'"  

To me, that is the best kind!


  1. Looks like you've got yourself a sweet ride! I love that you can fully appreciate all those "bells and whistles". Enjoy it!

  2. Hey, We are twins! I'll see you and the other greige suburbans in the parking lot on Sunday.
    (we went from a mini van to a sub too. Your first trip in it will be hea-ven-ly!)

  3. YOU DID IT!!! I laughed about the type of engine "VRoom" is the best kind.

  4. Wooohooo!!! So happy for you and your family!

    We've been talking about our next car. We're hoping to run our van into the ground, but it's still going strong enough that there is a chance we may outgrow it (we've filled all 7 seats). We've debated getting another van or a suburban- I think I was leaning toward suburban anyway, but you may have convinced me! :)