Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Field Trip

We are having a glorious autumn, in our neck of the woods.  Sometimes the hard freeze will come too soon which makes the colors blah.  Sometimes a huge windstorm will come just as the leaves turn and all of the beauty is blown away in one crazy night.  This year, however, we've had several frosts and lots of afternoon sun.  The trees have all had plenty of time to gradually fall into dormancy.

Justin had his middle-of-the-week weekend yesterday, so we took the chance for a field trip to a nearby wildlife refuge.  It was a beautiful drive over and a most enjoyable walk through.

Yes, I know she is wearing a petticoat.  She complained that her skirt didn't have
pockets so she put the shorts on underneath for that purpose.
Then, she filled her shorts pockets with pretty rocks.  They were falling down the entire day.
Also, one child is wearing flip-flops and another is wearing snow boots.
No idea.
Honestly, we didn't see much wildlife.  Maybe they are all hunkering down or flying south for the winter.  Maybe our family is so loud that all the wildlife fled the scene well before we could get near them.

We did see several different kinds of ducks and hawks, a few brightly colored song birds, a couple of garter snakes, several owl pellets, lots of scat, a dead frog, and a coyote.  It wasn't a total famine.

Mostly, we enjoyed hiking around and taking in the perfect day.

And just being together on that perfect day.  (Yes, we missed you, Isaac!)


  1. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh, such a lovely day! I am so enjoying the beauty of Autumn right now. I love all the seasons, but I think Autumn might be my absolute favorite.