Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting the Signal

Last night at about 5:45, I turned on the computer.  The presidential debate was to start at 6 o'clock and I wanted to catch it from the beginning.  Logging on, the little weather gadget on my desktop said, "Service not available."  Crud.  That is the sign that my internet is down.

We are not way out in the country, but we are a bit away from the city.  We've had internet problems several times with our cable company since moving out here.  We don't know if it has anything to do with the distance, but we like to blame it on that--and that at the moment we begin having trouble, all of our neighbors  must be streaming Netflix.

I tried re-setting the modem.  I tried unplugging the whole thing and starting again.  I tried several trouble-shooting wizards.  I tried another computer.  It was now after 6 and we were missing the dang debate!

We don't get television reception, even the local channels.  I have given it a mild effort a time or two, but don't care that much so I haven't ever given it an actual, determined try.

No luck.

Knowing NPR airs the debates, I pulled out our crappy $20 Walmart boom box.  We use it mostly for listening to audio books and when I plugged it into the kitchen outlet, I remembered why:  the antennae is broken; snapped right at the base.

I wasn't able to get any FM stations, but clicked over to AM and was getting a fuzzy country music station.  Carefully, using those tiny motions necessary for navigating AM signals, I tapped my way across the dial.  I got one talk radio guy, but he wasn't talking about the debate and certainly wasn't airing the debate.  It was the same ol' rhetoric.

I remembered the emergency radio that Mom gave us several years ago to put in our 72 Hour Kits.  It has really good reception so, filled with a new hope, ran to get it.

My husband had hidden it because the little ones kept playing with it and he was (rightfully) afraid they would break the antennae.

Justin got home at about 6:35.  "I'm sorry I don't have the debate on.  I have tried several different mediums and nothing is working."

To which Justin replied, "The debate is tomorrow night."



  1. Ha ha! Hope you have less trouble tonight!

  2. Oh No! I am laughing so hard! Only because I have been there! (p.s. I think we have the same internet provider. It is fickle and wont work at the slightest event. I think a butterfly could flutter by and it would make the connection go out! So annoying.)

  3. Oh, that is funny. Since the debate is now over I hope you had plenty of time to get things situated to watch/listen.