Friday, October 26, 2012

My Life

Hello, dear friends.

Yesterday I folded eleven loads of laundry and sorted one giant basket of socks.  Thank you for putting Season 3 on the internet, Downton Abbey.

I am nearly 16 weeks along and am totally showing.  In fact, I remember being exactly this pregnant with my first and you absolutely could not tell.  At all.  I could see the tiny baby's movements because I was still so small.  Seven babies will stretch you out a bit, I suppose.

Our son is coming home tomorrow.  Now that he is not considered an unaccompanied minor, we have a found a bus/plane route that is similar in cost to my gas and food driving down and back.  This is a lucky thing.  It is a long day for him, but so much better for me.

We finally got down to the business of carving pumpkins the other night.  I enjoy doing it with the kids, but it always makes me grumpy.  It is a paradox.

After looking at the pictures, I think I know why it makes me grumpy. Most of my children are still too small wield a knife so I end up carving several pumpkins.  Also, it makes a gigantic, sticky mess.

But, they are cute and we had a great religious discussion while we were doing it.  (Why do Christians celebrate this pagan holiday?)

I have written the Sacrament Meeting Primary Program, made the copies, and have parts ready to hand out this Sunday.  Next up on the docket:  figure out how to seat 95 people in 32 choir seats.

After kneeling for some time in the temple this week, I full-on fainted.  The woman in the seat next to me happened to have been a leader of mine during my teenage years (Carol Stevenson, for those who know).  She was so sweet to me, kept checking my pulse and feeling my cheeks.  I felt very silly, but very loved.  I'm glad she chose to worship that day, too.

I'm still getting used to this having enough business.  I worry about every purchase and wonder if I am being glutenous (eggnog).  The other day I was supposed to spend $150 for groceries.  I spent $200 and panicked.  (How can they say there is no inflation in groceries when I see it every time I go to the store?!  Packages are smaller and prices are higher.)  I hurried home to check our bank account, thinking I'd ruined us for the month.  $50 is so much money!  While I hope I do settle down a little bit, I hope I stay vigilant so we never again get to the point where a $50 grocery bill overage could ruin us.

I am reading 1776 by David McCullough.  If you've never read a book by him and you are interested in history, you must do it!  His books are all non-fiction.  There is no made-up dialog or inserted characters to help the story along, but his books read like novels.  Fantastic, well-researched writing.

I want to visit Mount Vernon and study the gardens there.  We can be more self-sufficient, I know it.  I don't have black slaves to make it happen, but I do have a lot of children!  They think I treat them like slaves.  How little they know.

We're off to buy witches hats and a Chinese fan and yarn to make a wig.  Halloween is just around the corner.  AUGH!


  1. The gardens at Mount Vernon are amazing! We enjoyed touring there this spring. Another set of gardens you might enjoy seeing (should you ever get back east) are the gardens at Monticello! Those are fascinating as well.

  2. I often wonder why we celebrate Halloween- particularly why we have ward Halloween parties. I think it would be much more appropriate to have a Harvest Festival or party- you can still do all the fun stuff, but leave the scary, gory, disgusting stuff out!

    And I must say that I am in awe that you could fold that much laundry in one day! I managed to hang up a bunch of shirts and dresses yesterday and felt pretty good about myself. :)