Thursday, October 11, 2012


Starting October first, I began looking.  When I saw it a few days ago, I literally gasped and held my hand to my mouth--even though I was all alone and had no one with whom to share the moment.

You KNOW I paid that $4.83 (which was a whopping 5 cent sale) to bring home the first egg nog of the season!  I may or may not have a problem.

We have been having a very mild fall.  We've had several frosts, but it always warms up in the afternoon.  I have been rather sick (yeah!), but the other day, Justin insisted we get out.  We took the kids and the kayaks to the lake.  I sat on the blanket most of the time, but it was nice to sit in the sunshine and watch the family play.  It was no where near warm enough to play in the water, but the girls had a great time with the sand.

We all took turns in the boats and enjoyed paddling around.  In a pinch, the paddles also make great shovels .

I am 13 weeks along and am slowly starting to feel better.  Two days ago I didn't get sick until after dinner (I've always had morning sickness at every time BUT the morning), but yesterday I was sick most of the day.  I can feel the intensity and duration of the sickness beginning to taper and am looking forward to the easier second trimester.

The real problem at my house right now is laundry.  Our dryer is out (long story) so we've been hanging clothes.  We don't have a real clothes line--just a line strung between the back porch and a pole--and it only holds one load of laundry.  Because it has been so cold morning and evening, I'll only have time for one load to dry per day.  You can imagine that that one load is not nearly enough to keep up with all of our laundry!  My alternative is to wash several loads then take them to the laundry mat to dry.  The problem?  The smell of the wet laundry makes me nauseated   That makes me not want to do laundry at all.  That means everything in our house is dirty and the laundry is taking over my life.

The good news is that our architect is wrapping up the first draft of our house plans and we'll be able to see them next week!  I am more excited every day.  We're supposed to have a mild winter.  Oh, man, would I love to start building early.  Well, we will see and I'll keep you posted.  


  1. I can relate to no dryer (there aren't many in Ireland)! I use 2 racks from Bed Bath and Beyond that are metal and have enough space for a load each. I max 2 loads a day, mostly dry overnight since they are placed near a radiator.
    Awesome news about the house. I would not recommend black flooring or countertops. Food crumbs are NOT dark and it's a constant battle.
    Congrats on your pregnancy again and here's to feeling better!

  2. Nathan has fixed dryers before, would you like me to ask him to take a look? Also i have two washers and two dryers at my house. You are welcome to use all four anytime you'd like. Bring over the dirty clothes so you skip the wet smell. I can forward things. Also i know jack would love to play with your girls and we aren't as far as a laundry mat and we are free :)

  3. I need to get to the store!!! We LOVE Egg Nog!