Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Get Out of My Uterus

On the same day that I post on Facebook about the miracle that after a run of five girls, we are having a boy, a friend posted (on his own status, not on my thread), "Is it wrong to tell people of this generation who have more than 3-4 kids to stop effin breeding?  Just wondering . . ."

Several of his other friends commented before I saw it with remarks such as, "You could just punch 'em!" or "Do It!"


The same group that wants to limit the population is the same group that wants me, as a tax payer, to pay for another woman's birth control and abortions all over the world.

Maybe those who profess to be pro-choice aren't as pro-choice as they profess.

If what happens in a woman's uterus is really her choice, then why is my choice to have many children available for general discussion?

I'm not going to go into the fact that the world needs good families who raise good children.  I'm not going to expound on the population crises countries like Japan and France.  I'm not going to address the faith factor and the commandment to do the very thing I am doing.  I have passionate arguments about all of those points, but I'm not going to make them today.

Today I am going to ask you nicely to Get Out of My Uterus.  I'm not asking for your money to raise them.  I'm not taking food from your table to feed them.  I'm not even going to ask you to babysit (well, except Mom and Mollie).  There is a good chance that my child will be paying for your healthcare when you are old and sick.  My child may be the one to change your tire on the side of the road while the rain is pouring down.  My child may be the one who comes up with an idea to make your life better or easier.  At the very least, my child will be the one who says the kind word when you are having a bad day or shovels the snow from your sidewalk without request or pay or who befriends your child when he moves to a new town.  On that day, you'll be glad you didn't have as much control of the population as you once hoped.

And if one more person says that having children is selfish, I'm gonna start shooting burning arrows.  How. In. The. World. is having children selfish?  My nice things are broken, my bed is shared, my paycheck is exhausted, my house is full, my sleep is relinquished, my body is stretched and decidedly not svelte, and my number one focus is on the small beings themselves.  Please look up the word selfish, because you obviously do not understand its meaning.

Okay, I'm done.  Go back to whatever.  :)


  1. You are absolutely awesome! Love this Emily:) You said it perfectly!! I can't think of anyone better than you to populate this world.

    Forget those who think different. They obviously have no clue the selfless sacrifice, the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to bring a child into the world and teach them how to survive and thrive in it.

    God willing I have more, I will. Thanks for standing up for motherhood. The noblest calling a woman can have.

  2. Well said. You are a great mom & I am glad you are having another baby. Sorry about the hater.

  3. Love when those "open-minded" people show just how close-minded they can be. Can't think of a better person and family to bring up yet another fabulous child into this world, which is so desperate for more of your kind of un-selfishness.

  4. Good point, Emily- I had never thought of that before, but it is so true!