Friday, November 9, 2012

The First Snowy Day

November 8, 2012.  The first snow of the season started in the evening.  By morning, we had 5 1/2 inches.  It continued throughout the day, not hard, but consistent.  The girls and their happy puppy were outside and inside, then outside and inside--five times.  Play, hot cocoa, play, warm bath, play, watch a movie while huddled together under heaps of blankets . . .  and so on.

I am so thankful that we were led here.  Yes, it is a small, cold, breezy trailer and I have complained about it some.  BUT, look where we get to live!  I hereby vow to stop complaining and show my gratitude more readily.

I'm not really a world traveler, but I have been a few places.  Nothing, nothing compares to winters at home.   Even the cold can't take away from the beauty of the individually coated twigs, limbs, branches and cones.  

I am so glad to have this gorgeous weather, I'll even hold off my griping about snow clothes for a few months!

Well, weeks, at least.


  1. I love how you have "the perfect autumn evening" and "first winter day" back to back. Gotta love North Idaho seasons in all their splendor. We really do live in paradise-who said paradise had to have sunshine and palm trees

  2. Wow - looks beautiful! I am just a wee bit jealous. I might wear flip flops & a t-shirt today though.

  3. Ditto to Katie. It was the same for us in the Salt Lake valley this year. On Thursday it was almost 70 degrees. Friday it was 40 degrees and snowing- by Saturday morning we had over 6 inches at our house! I love it!