Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Precious Afternoon Nap

With my pregnancies comes weird sleep patterns.  The slightest noise or worry and an easily filled bladder wakes me up all too easily through the night.  Once awake, it is often hard for me to fall back asleep.  In addition to my wakeful nights, I'm growing a whole human body inside of mine.  That takes a lot of energy so I need sleep more than usual.

Also, I like naps and pregnancy is a great excuse.

Afternoons are usually the time when the household chores are done and the dinner process hasn't begun just yet.  School work is should be wrapped up and the children are enjoying their free time.  When we don't have piano lessons or other afternoon commitments, the afternoon is when I get my reading done.

Afternoon + Reading + Pregnancy = Nap.  Every time.

My favorite spot--turning the ringer off.
My kids are older now, so I don't have to sleep on the couch with one eye open, like I've had to do with most of my other pregnancies.  It is snowy and cold here in November, so I turn on my heated mattress pad, pull out my book, crawl between my sheets and have a most marvelous me time.  I can usually get a good chunk of reading done before my eyelids get heavy, but then, I slip happily into sleep.  When I wake up, I am happy and nice and really thirsty.

If were playing the gratitude game on Facebook, today I would be grateful for afternoon naps!

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