Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Important Feature

To begin, I'm sorry if this topic is not lady-like, but it must be mentioned for the good of the cause.

I must be busy.  I don't know if this is a long-standing personal trait or if it is one developed over the last fourteen years of mothering.  If I am just sitting, I must be folding laundry (movie), eating (meals), typing (this) or reading.  If I am at a doctor's office, for instance, and have forgotten my book, I will read the side of my tube of chapstick.

One of my favorite things in our first house was a magazine rack in the bathroom.  This may be unsavory to a more genteel reader, but I assure you, once the magazine gained entrance to the bathroom, there it lived out its life.  Reading material was discarded regularly.

Not my kid.
My current bathroom does not have this feature.  I had had a large stack of old magazines given to me by a friend (Thank you, Lisa) who was innocent of their intended location.  Over the past several months, I slowly worked my through them.  The stack is gone.

Since the magazines are gone, I have found myself in the bathroom, stranded!  Nothing to read, nothing at all!  I have read the labels of all of the shampoo bottles, soap containers and cleanser wrappers.

Note to Self:
In the Someday House, remember to make a place to store those essential "just sitting" reading materials.


  1. You just opened yourself up to another stack of magazines coming your way:)!!!! I was just saying to myself...what am going to do with this huge stack of magazines???!!! I was thinking everyone was sick of my hand-me-downs. You made my day by letting me know they got a second read!

  2. Oh, Emily- you make me laugh! My dad and my husband both LOVE to read in the bathroom. My husband reads everywhere- he can't sit for longer than about 5 seconds without reading- he always carries a book with him. I have a hard time reading when other things are going on- consequently, I don't get nearly as much reading done- sad for me!

  3. I MUST read in the bathroom as well. I will read ANYTHING. You know they have books specifically meant to be bathroom readers. Uncle John has a series. Quote books are also on my list of favorite bathroom reading material.