Monday, December 31, 2012

Planning Mishap

My first plant and seed catalogs began arriving in the mail last week.  I get a few excellent ones with beautiful pictures--so clear you can almost smell the flowers' fragrance.  I have spent too many hours pouring over the descriptions, thinking of what would go best together and the happy corner in my lot where it would live.

I especially relished my plan for a rose bed.  I think roses look best when they have their own bed accompanied by a few favorite companions.  The front of our property is the sunniest spot.  We have a 100 foot split-rail fence on the edge of the property that is pleading for roses.  I figured I could put a rose plant in front of each post then fill in the spaces with lavender, baby's breath, Russian sage and the like.  

Kind of like this, only with a mossy split-rail rather than the white picket.
My mother-in-law is a rose expert of sorts so I worked on my plan with her to choose the most fragrant or largest or most unique blooms.  In my mind, the rustic, cottage bed would be a welcoming entrance to the driveway.
Here is a good image more like my fence.  Hydrangeas don't do well in my area, so
imagine roses in their place.

When I get working on a project like this, it is always in the back of my mind.  When I'm doing laundry or running errands, I mull it over.  Sometimes I'm figuring out logistics (where to get plants and materials), but often I am just enjoying the dream of it.  I was happily and busily dreaming about the newly established plan when this showed up in our front yard:


Guess what moose eat.  That's right; roses.  This is the first time in the over 18 months that we have lived here that we have seen moose.  We've only spotted a mule deer once!  

What is a dreamer to do?

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  1. Oh dear (hehe, guess I should say oh deer)! My parents have a small herd of deer that are now permanent residents in the wild field off their backyard (they live near Provo, UT). My dad put up a 7 foot fence around his roses and garden. On the bright side- it's still kind of cool to have wildlife like that in your yard! And at least you haven't planted yet.