Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beyond Here There Be Dragons

Where I could spend hours, literally hours, roaming the aisles at hardware stores and home improvement warehouses, my husband is a get what you came for and get out kind of shopper.  Most of the time that is fine with me.  Sometimes there is something specific we need to purchase, but I'll want his opinion first.  I'll drag him to the aisle and point out a handful of options after I've already spent time narrowing it down.  He'll point to one and the decision is made.  It is a pretty slick system and has worked well for us over the years.

Now we are beginning the pre-selecting phase of our house building process.  I have anticipated this all year and I am looking forward to seeing if all of my ideas can form a perfect union.  Justin, on the other hand, hasn't spent hours researching countertops or hardware.  After all of our years together and our many, many home improvement projects, we know each other's tastes pretty well.  We've developed a system of united decision making (any couple who can agree on the first and middle names of seven children has got to be good at that!) and feel like we're ready to tackle this next big phase together.

Last week, I warned him that on at least one of his days off for the foreseeable future, we will be shopping.  I warned him because he doesn't like shopping and he hates surprises.  Once he has his head wrapped around something (and it is on his To Do list) he is all about getting it done. And because it is a house that he has long anticipated, he is actually excited.

Yesterday was the day to decide on exterior siding materials.  Sometimes the internet is helpful and sometimes it just causes confusion.  After all of my hours of research on the matter, I had no idea if fir, fiber cement board (Hardie), aluminum siding, or cedar would be the best choice for our area and budget.  Each forum contradicted the other to the point that I was utterly confounded.

We decided to go to some local building supply centers to ask the bearded guys with callused hands.

A few hours and many, many questions later, guess what?!  We have a plan!


  1. So when you say "bearded guys with callused hands" are you talking about the employees that fit that discription or just random people shopping? I can totally see you doing the later. :)(Which is something I myself might do)

  2. Haha, Heather. Yes, actually, both. :) I even stopped the owner of a house we like while he was taking out his garbage to ask a few siding questions.