Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catching Up

I thought that since I had a big pity party post a few days ago, I ought to give you an update.

It is Wednesday and I am working dutifully through my hefty list.

  1. We presented at our Science Fair (thanks to a tip from Jenna).  The youngest did not have a presentation since it was a bit more than I could handle and the child with the failed project explained that sometimes in science, things don't work.  She also explained what she would do differently next time.
  2. I wrote all of my Thank You notes and even made it to the Post Office for stamps.
  3. Speaking of Post Office, I also compiled all of Isaac's forgotten items and mailed it.  I am thrilled with myself.
  4. My mother got the same gift for her birthday that she got last year: I brushed her hair, then bumped it up a notch by also rubbing her feet.  Why change what isn't broken?  So, Mother Dear?  You'll probably be getting that birthday gift for the rest of your years.  Thank you for being gracious about it.  :)
  5. Our trailer is still suffering from several major maladies, but our architect sent us our mostly finished elevations and floor plans yesterday.  Suddenly every crappy thing about this trailer is temporary again.  I can handle anything if I get that beautiful kitchen, that lovely two-headed shower and a new toilet that won't sink into the floor.
I still have some major things to work on, but at least my list is getting smaller.  It never goes away because new things creep up, but some weeks are harder than others.  Thank you for the support and kind words.  Oh, boy, do they help!

While earlier in the week I felt like this:

Today, I'm feeling a bit more like this:

I will probably still crash and burn with at least some of my duties, but at least I have determination and hope to keep me going.


  1. Glad you're doing better. Gooooo Emily!! The primary kids will have fun no matter what you do. That makes me think we should have an activity too (but 1 of my counselors just had a baby---so probably not yet!)

  2. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. Really. We have traded places as I am now a bit overwhelmed or under-energized. It all works out & usually gets better.

  3. Yeah! and Woohoo!! It's such a great feeling get things that were so overwhelming done! I love your two pictures- it always amazes me how doing a few small (though often weighty) things can really get you going.