Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Sweetheart

First day of Pharmacy School 2008
My sweetheart isn't tall, doesn't really know much about cars and will probably never be on the cover of anything.  He doesn't follow NASCAR or the NFL.  He can't dance and won't sing.  He doesn't own a tool belt or cowboy hat, has never been on a set of skis, and hasn't driven a tractor.  Many people would label this a list of mandatory manly attributes, but do you know what?  I've got something every woman who writes to Dear Abby dreams about.  Let me tell you about the man at my side.

My sweetheart loves God, studies His word and strives to live it.  
That sentence alone trumps any other--ever.
He takes his role as protector of his family very seriously and focuses that effort on making sure our home is a safe place; a haven from the world.

He gets up early every day and goes to work.  
When he was in school, he got up early to study.  Even when it is dark or cold and there is a soft, warm woman in his bed, he gets up.  He gets to work early and gives his employer an honest day's worth of work.  He doesn't fool around on Facebook or send endless texts while on the clock.  He works hard to understand his craft and continues to go the extra mile to make sure that he is the best at his profession that he possibly can be.

My husband comes home.  
When he isn't working or completing a church assignment, he is home.  Home is not always restful, quiet or clean.  Dinner is not always on the table after work and his wife is not always in a happy, gentle mood.  I'm sure there are days where he sits in the car and takes a deep breath to steel himself for what might greet him; he still comes in the door.  

He actively participates in the lives of his children.
There aren't many people who have the patience to play board games with children, but he does.  He has gospel discussions with them and makes sure they understand doctrine.  He teaches them about the world and talks to them like the intelligent creatures they are, never dumbs it down but challenges them to rise up.  He is funny and entertains the children with oddball stories and adventures.  (I've even been told not to try to tell stories because I don't do it nearly as well as Dad.)  He gets excited about the little bumps and kicks now coming from our unborn child and looks forward to the wonderful perks of having a newborn.

My man listens to me.
Believe me, this has to be exhausting!  I can be full of hot air or spit and vinegar.  I can be completely backwards in my thinking, frustrated with our children or the world, or stuck on a topic he is sick of discussing.  BUT, he always listens.  He is compassionate and kind as he just listens or tries to straighten me out, whichever is needed.

He doesn't adhere to stereotypical roles.  
He helps with dishes, changes baby diapers, and even helps puts tights on wiggly little girls.  Our relationship is definitely one of help meet.  He doesn't leave me stranded with all of the hard stuff.  He'll make me a cup of cocoa, throw in a load of laundry or clean out the car because he sees it needs to be done.

And so, while my husband may have no idea what to do with a horse, how to glide me around a dance floor or fix a broke down car, he is so much more manly than many men that can do those things.

I love you, my dear friend and companion.  Thank you for being who you are.  I lucked out.

At the Redwoods on our Grand Celebration vacation.  2012.

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  1. You are blessed indeed (and I'm sure he feels the same about you). It's soooo wonderful to see/hear people talk in such positive ways about their spouse- not enough of that these days! :)