Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chugging Along

I am on the downward slope of my pregnancy and that means that I am having a more difficult time sleeping regularly.  I'll go to bed exhausted at 9 only to wake up at 1--and we're talking fully awake, not just awake enough to use the restroom, which, of course, I do anyway.  I'll fall back asleep some two or so hours later and sleep restlessly until 6 at which time, my body gives in and I sleep soundly until about 7:30 or 8.  It is kind of annoying, but also okay because my little human seems to be most lively during those middle-of-the-night awakenings.  It is our own secret time, he sends me messages about how he is alive and I send him messages about how glad I am that he is coming, how grateful I am that he is in there and how much I already love him.

After we, mother and son, communicate for a while and he has settled sleepily back into his warm home, my thoughts turn to our house.

Our architect, John, is busily doing his thing.  He is now working on the structural engineering part--making sure the building won't fall even if we get record (heavy) snows or a quick spring thaw (flood).  We have the bones securely in place and barring any sudden realization of something major missing, the basic plans are done.  John has a lot of technical things to do, but my job for the next while will be figuring out how to make our plans jive with our budget.  I've already had to make many concessions, some of which were difficult dreams to let go (sloped, fantasy roof line, for instance).  This time I will be making concessions that aren't necessarily long-term.  Some of the floors won't be the surface I most want (brick), but may be linoleum until we can (want to) afford the upgrade.  There is a stand alone tub in the plans for the master bath so I've scoured Craig's List for old tubs that are suitable candidates for refurbishment.  Some things I want done the cheaper way because I have a custom building idea that I'll have to do because I don't want to pay someone else to do it (library shelving).

So I lay in bed and dream about two ovens, windows that aren't foggy from condensation, two shower heads so one person doesn't have to stand in the cold while the other rinses off, and a kitchen with plenty of functional outlets.

And then I try to figure out when that money tree is going to start growing.

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  1. I love those secret mommy/baby times of pregnancy! The last weeks can be uncomfortable for sure, but there is just nothing so absolutely amazing and beautiful as the feeling of life inside of you! A little miracle inside of you!