Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Competition Time!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we leave for San Francisco tomorrow!!

Isaac's competition was in Denver last year, but his coaches thought San Francisco was a better fit for him.  He is bringing four solos including his first contemporary piece which I have not yet seen.  (He shows me his dances while he is home for breaks.  He's usually in jeans and is dancing on the grass so I don't get the full picture, but I can at least get an idea.)  While we are in San Francisco, he is auditioning for the Bolshoi Ballet Academy which is Russia's premier ballet school.  The competition is very stiff so we shall see.  I will keep you all posted.

Since it can't always be about Isaac, I get to bring along our nine year old, too.  It will be her first flight and she is bursting at the seams with excitement.  I mean, she loves her brother and all, but really it is about the airplane.  The three of us will get to do some touring together.  We've established the tradition of visiting a local botanical garden the morning of the competition.  It gets us out of the hotel room which is prone to stewing and nervousness, it isn't physically taxing, it is warm and it is a calming atmosphere.  On the first day of competition, we will visit here:

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers.
Cool building, huh?  On another day, we will visit the Japanese Tea Gardens.  These gardens are something like 130 years old and seem amazing.

We hope to some of the traditional tourist things like visiting the piers and watching the sea lions, going to Alcatraz and driving some of the famous SF streets.  There will be times when Ike will be in rehearsal and can't come with us.  During one of those times, we will go to the Legion of Honor Fine Art Museum.  My very artistic girl is looking forward to that almost as much as the airplane ride.

I am 8 months pregnant and at the advice of a flight attendant friend, got a note from my doctor.  It should be interesting to fly with my huge belly full of water!  I also have a head cold which I am praying will suddenly disappear before tomorrow morning.

Today is cleaning and packing day.  My dearest sister is having the other three children over to play for a couple of days so everyone has something SUPER great to anticipate.  (Mollie is that cool aunt who plays video games, makes fun foods and tells mildly inappropriate jokes.  She is also mother to many beloved cousins.)  I need to buy food that my husband can throw together quickly after work or that our oldest daughter can prepare on her own.  Work, work, work so we can play, play, play!

Watch for regular updates!


PS  If you should feel so inclined, please keep our boy in your prayers.  It is a ton of pressure for a young boy.  This weekend could potentially decide his life's career path.


  1. If you have time and feel so inclined, check out the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield. It is a little bit of a drive from SF but it is a lot of fun!

  2. We'll be sending good thoughts your way, and prayers! Enjoy! But keep the bathroom in sight at all times. ;)

  3. Wow!! Please tell Isaac good luck from the Paughs! We will absolutely pray for him. It's hard to believe he is old enough to be competing. Have a great trip and please take care of YOU and that sweet baby!

  4. Good luck to Isaac! Enjoy the trip and no early baby deliveries... :)

  5. How exciting, and nerve racking. Sounds like a fun trip- hope it all goes well for you. When I read your PS I got a tear in my eye- WOW!

  6. Emily,
    You are so brave and adventurous! Good luck to Issac and to YOU!