Friday, February 1, 2013

I Give You to His Heart

Most of you know that our oldest child is a ballet dancer and has had to live away from us for nearly two years, now.  He first left to live with a host family when he was only twelve.  It has been one of the most difficult things I've ever had to face--not having my son in my home.  As time has passed, it has gradually become easier, but never easy.  This week I have found my emotions closer to the surface than usual.  I really miss him.

Today I heard a song that I'm not sure if I've ever heard before.  It is by Alison Krauss and is called I Give You to His Heart.  I have sometimes felt like Jochabed and Hannah, loving mothers who gave up having their child in their arms for a higher plan.  I doubt Isaac will save any great nation and he will probably not become the Lord's prophet, but I know God has a plan for him that is greater than anything I could plan.

Some of the lyrics:

The wind is blowing down the quiet river,

a shining road that carries you alone.

Baby boy my love will last forever.
If you're to live, I must give you up to God.

I know our God will guide, protect and keep you.
Teach you faith and hold you by the heart.
Though your mother's heart is broken by your leaving,
her Father knows just who he is and who you are.

That is the challenge of this life, isn't it?  To give up our own will and to give it to God.  No matter how many tears are shed and how badly we think we want to do it our way, our Father knows who He is and He knows who we are.

So, I give my boy to God's heart.  Not because it is easy, not because it is what I want, but because it is right.  (Interesting that we gave him the name of Isaac.)

I am thankful that I still have my house full of girls and that the Lord has not required them of me--at least not yet.

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