Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

I'm sorry I didn't get to the last couple of days on our Easter Devotionals.  To answer your question: no it isn't because we had a baby.  It is because I got busy.  Fail, I know.  I hope you were able to come up with something on your own.

For Easter today, we will take a few moments to read about the miraculous resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in John 20:11-17.  We will talk about our Eowyn and remember that because of Christ's Atonement and subsequent resurrection, we will someday have her in our arms.  We will attend church and learn the Easter lessons offered there--through music and the spoken word.

And we will partake of the sacrament.

In the LDS church, worthy young men are ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood and participate in this most sacred ordinance.  At the age of fourteen, they are ordained to the office of Teacher.  One of the Teacher's responsibilities is to prepare the sacrament, including bringing the bread.  Isaac recently turned 14 and was asked to provide the bread for this Sunday's services.

How many years have I partaken of the Sacrament Bread?  How many years have I never thought about how the bread arrived on the table?  What an honor for me, as the mother of this worthy young man, to provide the bread for this most holy ordinance on this most holy day. I am humbled to be a part, even in my own small way, of this this saving ordinance.

I am thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ on this beautiful Easter morning.  I know He loves me and my family.  I know that though I fall short and am unworthy of His sacrifice, He gave it willingly.  I know He Lives!

I'd like to share with you one last Easter message before we leave the subject.  This is Joseph B. Wirthlin, an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ after the same order of those apostles who ate with Him at the last supper.  He reminds us that Sunday Will Come.

Happy Easter, my dear friends.


PS  If anyone is heading south, we are getting a bit desperate for a ride for Isaac.  We obviously can't drive him because of my imminent delivery, but he needs to get back to prepare for the New York Finals next week.  Thank You!

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  1. 3:54 am-- good grief, Emily, go to sleep! :) Easier said than done- I know. I hope you had a wonderful Easter! I love that clip- such a beautiful message.