Sunday, March 24, 2013

Joyous Palm Sunday

Today is the first day of the Last Week of Christ's mortal ministry.  
Today is Palm Sunday.
 The day of Christ's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.  
The day prophesied by Biblical prophets.

Similar to my Christmas Advent, we will be having a short devotional each day this week to lead up to and celebrate the True Meaning of Easter.

Today we will sing Rejoice, the Lord is King! and maybe a little Onward, Christian Soldiers with smiles on our faces.  
We will read Matthew 21:1-11
We will watch this short video to set the tone for the week.

We are surrounded by pine trees where we live.  They are called pine trees, because when the wind blows through them, they sound like they are pining, or sighing.  (Or maybe the word came after the tree name?  Either way.)  When the wind blows through palm tree branches, they sound like they are cheering.  During the triumphal entry, the people were cheering and shaking palm tree branches; it would have been a tumultuous hurrah!

I'll try to post every day this week so if you would like to do this with your family, you are welcome to!

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  1. Thank you Emily. Our family will be using these devotionals.