Friday, March 15, 2013

Pre-Baby To Do List

We have a baby coming in two-to-three-ish weeks.  In that space of time, I need to get many things done.  Not that life stops when the baby arrives, but I would really like to take a few weeks off from those regular things.

My To Do list looks like this:
  1. Spring clean. (Maybe I'll save this for when that nesting thing kicks in.)
  2. Design and build a dog house.  Things are starting to warm up around here which means shedding time.  I don't want that dog's hair in here when we bring home the new baby.
  3. Sew four Easter dresses.  By Easter.
  4. Prepare lessons for Primary Sharing Time for the rest of March.
  5. Respond to John regarding the interior elevations, plumbing and electrical plans. Feel insecure about this.  (Am I being too precise?  Am I nitpicking?)
  6. Celebrate a daughter's 12th (!) birthday.  This is a big one, so do it right!
  7. Buy airplane tickets to New York, Orlando and Connecticut for our ballerino.
  8. Install shelves in my already packed bedroom for our baby's supplies (clothes, diapers, wipes, blankets, and general stuff).
  9. Finish registration for the Bolshoi--which includes passport pictures, a bio, birth certificate, medical release and so forth.
  10. Find a new family doctor since ours had the gumption to MOVE AWAY right before our baby came.  Who will circumcise this child?!
  11. Compile an emergency birthing kit for the car.  We are 45 minutes away from the hospital and my labors can be very fast so I want to be prepared . . . just in case!
I am moving in the right direction, though I am slow and a bit cumbersome lately.  Yesterday I had planned to build the dog house.  My husband came with me to Home Depot and we priced out our project.  Then we went to the Big R (ranch supply store) to price a pre-built dog house.  We turned right back around and bought the lumber; we saved over half by doing it ourselves and have a much more sturdy final project than the one they were selling.

My plan was to build it myself.  It was a good thing it was Justin's day off because there was no way I could have built that thing on my own.  As it was, I overworked and paid for it the rest of the night. The dog house turned out, though!

You can see the little girls love it--maybe we should have built them a play house.
We gave him a little covered front porch.  In the fall, when the temperature starts dropping again, I'm going to install some vinyl strips over the door.  You know, like the big ones that hang from walk-in store refrigerators. The girls are going to paint it and put Patches' name above the door.

So, off the computer and on to the next thing on my list:  Find a money tree.

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  1. That's an awesome dog house! You two did good work! Also- your list makes me tired and I'm not pregnant! All the best to you in the last few weeks!