Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday--It Begins

Since the Last Supper was also a Passover Meal, tonight will be a busy night.  I'll do a modified Passover with my family, with emphasis on the symbolism of the meal being a sign of Christ and His Atonement.  I'll start by teaching about the Paschal Lamb (had to be first born of the ewe, pure white, never had a broken bone) then move on to the Seder Plate.  There is too much there for this blog post, but I will write it out for you at some point.  It is an excellent way to teach about types and shadows of Christ in our observances.

For dinner, we will eat other traditional foods such as fish, cheeses, olives, grapes and juice.  The idea is not to replicate a Jewish Passover, but to teach how the Passover prophesies of Christ--and to show just what Jesus was doing and eating on that very special night.

After our meal, we will watch a series of three videos.  Like I said, this will be a much more involved night because it is the night the Atonement begins.  There is much, much, much to discuss, too much for one night (which is why we teach about Jesus all of the year).  The children like the videos and I think they are effective teaching tools.

Today and tomorrow are the most emotionally difficult.  We are thinking about the God we love and worship   sacrificing himself for us . . . for me.  And even though it is difficult and too big for our tiny brains to comprehend, we must talk about it.  We must teach our children so that we can feel the Holy Ghost testify that this did, in fact, happen.  That because of this sacrifice, Jesus Christ CAN be our intercessory  He can offer grace and we can be saved.

We will end by singing Abide With Me.

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