Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Okay, the scriptures are silent on what happened on Wednesday.  I had kicked around several ideas, but nothing had jumped out as the perfect solution.  Plus, I had a good solid amount of time during the night where I was contracting fairly hard.  I knew it wasn't labor, but it was definitely a preparatory time.  As I stood in my living room at 2:30 in the morning, I resolved to NOT have the baby today.  Do you know why?  Because my house was a wreck.

This morning, I woke up my family and fed them a beautiful breakfast.  Then, I told them that we would be doing our Spring Cleaning today.  All seven of us scrubbed burners, walls, doors and windows.  We cleaned under furniture, laundered bedding, sorted snow clothes bins and vacuumed corners.  Then we met my sister and her family for an afternoon of being together on a beautiful Spring day.

What does that mean for our Holy Week Celebration?  That means that today we will dye our Easter Eggs together and talk about the fact that Jesus probably spent this day with his friends and family.  I'm sure he was serving and teaching them, but he was also building those relationships.  Just like we did today.

Sorry I don't have any great insight for you.  Maybe next year's Wednesday, when I'm not moments away from having a baby.

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  1. Ooh- what a fabulous day! I always dreaded the thought of having a baby when my house was a wreck! All the best to you in the coming days!!