Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Baby in the House

 This was me two weeks ago. 

Photo by my 12 year old daughter.
And then this amazing thing happened.

We are all totally smitten by our charming baby boy.

I have to set the timer to make sure everyone gets equal turns holding him.

These girls are quickly becoming wonderful caretakers.  It is going to be fun to watch these relationships develop.

In his oldest (and most capable) sister's lap.

He is a patient and even-tempered baby.  In his short two weeks, he has gained over 1 1/2 pounds so he is obviously a good nurser!  He sleeps pretty well--not really well, but it is hard to complain about those precious early morning quiet times when the rest of the house is asleep.  
Just the two of us, 
falling in love.

I hold him as often as possible.  
I can't get enough of his soft skin, his tiny face, and his perfect body.
I can stare at his facial expressions for hours.
I love how he quiets down as soon as he is in my arms.
I love the desperate starving dance he does when I put him to my breast;
and the drunken satisfaction when I pull him away.
In short, I love everything about our new baby.
Boy am I ever grateful that he came to our house.


  1. Congratulations, he is perfect. Thanks for sharing such sweet pictures!

  2. Beautifully said! He is precious.

  3. Can I just tell you how beautiful he is. Congratulations! He's in such wonderful hands. Way to go! You did it!

  4. Yes, beautifully said! And such precious pictures!

    My baby is almost a year old, and though I am looking forward to celebrating a first birthday without being pregnant again, I admit that I miss the new baby phase and hope to be there again!

  5. He that little baby is fortunate to have such an adoring mother as you. I am so happy for you.