Saturday, April 6, 2013

No Baby Yet--Conference

No baby yet.  This is how I have to start every conversation these days.  Everyone is anxious and, knowing how quickly my labor can sometimes go, expecting an announcement at any moment.

But, no.  No baby yet.

This is General Conference weekend.  The first session started at 9 o'clock this morning.  I promptly  fell asleep--probably had something to do with my being awake from about 3:30-5 earlier this morning.  It is a stormy weekend so the skies are grey and sleepy, the couch soft and comfy.  I acquiesced.

The thing is, Conference is something our family loves and looks forward to with much anticipation.  (It is held bi-annually, in October and April each year.)  I usually prepare special treats, organize conference-centered packets and encourage the children to participate.  Although I had made raspberry pancakes, I hadn't printed off a single worksheet or prepared any other activity.

When I was finally able to rouse myself from my slumber, however, I saw something that gladdened my heart.  (My husband is working today, so this wasn't even done at his suggestion.)  My girls had spread a blanket on the floor of the living room.  In the middle was a tray of snacks--cheese chunks, strawberries, lemonade, et cetera.  There was the bin of crayons and markers, scissors and glue.  The girls had found the conference paper dolls I had cut out last autumn and had remarkably been preserved from that day to this.  They each had notebooks with home-drawn Bingo cards, check lists and sporadic notes.  They had done it all on their own.

We don't do everything right.  In fact, there are probably more things that we do wrong!  But, on this one day, for this one important experience, I discovered that we have done one thing right.  Our girls have learned to love General Conference, our dear Prophet, and teaching spirit that enters our home during the meetings.

The next session is starting.  I'd better end.  I hope that you will tune in with us.

I'll be sure to sit on a hard kitchen chair so I can keep myself awake!

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  1. You have definitely done some things right! I'm so impressed with your girls! I love Conference, but I'm not sure I'm doing a very good job teaching my children to love it. They are younger than yours so I have a few years.

    I try not to wish away these young years, but I will admit that I had some longing for the day I will be able to watch a full session of Conference again without several children interrupting. :)