Monday, April 1, 2013

The Secular Easter Stuff

We are not above the secular portions of the Easter celebrations.  I usually make my girls their Easter dresses and this year was no exception.  I picked up this pretty floral eyelet, ric rac for the younger girls, and a braided trimming for Eliza.  Then I made what I thought was just a pretty summer dress.  After I finished the first dress, I had my youngest "go run in the meadow" so I could see how it looked.  It was a sunny day and the long, flowing dress was so sweet.  I immediately called my mother.

"Mom, I just finished the girl's Easter dresses and they look exactly like something you could have made for me 30 years ago!"  When I finished my older daughter's dress, I realized they also have a Jane Austen feel.  I guess I'm not very innovative.

The Easter Bunny came too, but I always screw up this part of the holiday.  We never have huge baskets, mostly candy with a small gift for the family (this year it was a mega bucket of sidewalk chalk).  I'd purchased the candy goods several days ago and we hid them in Dad's trunk.  They mostly melted.  We had to be to church by 8:30 and I didn't want those pretty white dresses covered in chocolate bunny before they could even be worn once.  We told the girls that the Easter Bunny must be waiting to come while we were at church.  Is that lame?  I don't know.  Right after church, we headed to my parent's house for dinner.  Turns out, the Easter Bunny knew we were doing that and he hid the goodies in Grandma's yard!  I'm pretty sure the guise behind this holiday figure is rather transparent.  Oh, well.  Still fun.

We hid our three dozen eggs about ten times so everyone had a turn hiding and finding, including my two Down's brothers who needed my girls to be "buddies" to help them locate even the most obvious eggs.  That game never gets old.

My parents were headed out of town for their 41st Anniversary so I lay on their bed and talked while they packed.  I really love my parents and am so thankful to be near them again.  All of the 30 minute drive home, the children asked questions and I told them story after story about my parents' childhoods, how they met and married, about their newly-wed house fire and more.

When we got home, we went through our final Easter devotional and called it a day.

It was a wonderful day, filled with tradition, family, and love with a healthy dose of the Spirit of God.  What a blessed woman.

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  1. I love those dresses!! I keep thinking about making dresses for my girls- but it hasn't happened yet. Of course, my mother-in-law is an excellent seamstress and loves to sew for them (which is wonderful, but also makes it easier to not do it). :)