Saturday, April 13, 2013

YAGP: New York Finals

Today was Isaac's first day in New York.  When he competed in San Francisco, he qualified to go to the New York Finals.  It will consist of not only the on-stage competition, but of a series of workshops and scholarship classes.  His first class was this morning.  Here is a cell phone shot through the little window in the door.

The biggest problem with being invited to the finals was that they were scheduled right when we were to have this new precious boy.  
The obvious solution?
Grandma and Aunt Mollie.

For the last couple of months, these two wonderful women have planned and prepped and paid to take Isaac to New York.  Big, big sacrifice for them and their families and we are super grateful for the rescue.

It is a big week!  I'll keep you informed.


  1. He's a beautiful baby boy Emily! Congratulations on making it to the hospital and everything going well.

  2. Oops, wrong post, but this boy is a very beautiful dancer.

  3. You have a wonderful family!

  4. Having a big family is the best!! All the best to your boy!

  5. What an amazing dancer and young man-